A selection of print and digital projects completed for No Kid Hungry,
a non-profit campaign with a mission to end child hunger in America.

Digital Communications
The Digital Communications team launched a series of pumpkin recipe e-mails to encourage participation from subscribers.



Social Media
To meet the needs of sponsors, I set type and selected images for No Kid Hungry's #GivingTuesday posts and banners.

Facebook frames that were not submitted.



Bake Sale
Visualized the Bake Sale homepage architecture to help their goal of reducing amount of links.

Design direction to help initiate updates to their Bakers' Resources page, which provides printable materials for hosts and participants of bake sales, making easy access to those materials the initial goal. I divided the materials into the four categories that anchor a successful bake sale (planning, promoting, decorating, and wrapping up) and assigned icons to each. The page is not a finished page, but set up to be easily updated by the department.



No Kid Hungry Web Store
No Kid Hungry's web store has a lot of untapped potential for becoming a stronger source of revenue for the brand's cause. During my time as assistant to the Creative department, I proposed redesigns, and designs, to encourage funding toward strengthening the web store. 

The web store home page currently does not facilitate an engaging online shopping experience. The homepage architecture identified that the categories were not helpful in organizing the products, and a wireframe of the home page showed that the layout was crowded and static. I looked to the home and individual product pages of other non-profits that have successful web stores, and learned from their wireframes.

The wireframes informed which changes to include in the redesigns: clear presentation of the products, meaningful use of white space, and low levels of interactivity to make page navigation more smooth. 

In addition, I proposed some designs that introduce hand-lettering and icons to the brand. Their bright and playful qualities make better apparel options, and emphasize the brand's cause around children.



Innovation Lab
A new branch of No Kid Hungry's Center for Best Practices, the Innovation Lab tests promising new models of connecting more kids in need with federal nutrition programs. I designed their logo, and left the letter Os without italic treatment so that they resemble wheels in the theme of reinvention, or innovation. And I reformatted the visual of their process for easy internal and stakeholder presentation use.