No Kid Hungry

Works completed for No Kid Hungry, a non-profit campaign with a mission to end childhood hunger in America.


No Kid Hungry

apparel design, user experience design

In the fall of 2016, I interned at No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending child hunger in the United States. I contributed to multiple aspects of creative development for the brand, including: e-mail templates, social media assets and internal branding.

As the capstone project for my internship, I presented to the executive leadership team an opportunity to transform the No Kid Hungry online store into a stronger source of revenue for the brand's cause. Due to difficulty in allocating funding to an entirely new project, I suggested high-level improvements informed by a visual competitive analysis.


Because of their positioning as highly visible non-profit brands, I chose Pencils of Promise and Charity Water as targets of competitive analysis. I looked to their home, online store, and check-out pages to spell out wireframes and areas of success. Then, I introduced beneficial elements to the current No Kid Hungry online store in mock-ups.


Apparel Design
In addition to the web store, I proposed apparel designs with playful qualities to emphasize the brand's cause around children.


Innovation Lab
During my internship, The Center for Best Practices was in the process of developing their Innovation Lab. The lab's purpose is to test promising new models of connecting more kids in need with federal nutrition programs.

Abiding by brand guidelines and internal client preferences, the result was a typeset lock-up. The Os were excluded from italic treatment to resemble wheels in the theme of reinvention, or innovation.