Words & Pictures


Words & Pictures

illustration, print design

In my pre-degree project course, students were given a reading exercise. Each of us read an essay from Nicholson Baker's The Way the World Works, identified a topic for inquiry and then posed a question to be answered through visual exploration. My topic was translation, and I asked, "What is the difference between words and pictures?"


I translated a handful of Chinese words into images, creating a rebus of sorts. Chinese words defined by the combination of characters. And characters, prior to being combined with one another to form words, each have their own meaning as well. In the poster above, the word family is the combination of the characters house or home and people. So in rebus form, family would appear as "house people".

I applied that thinking to words chosen for their level of visual interest. By translating words to moveable magnets, I think terms like "interpretation" and "play" present themselves as likely answers to my question.


Above: Process cube documenting my research, thinking, and final display. Exhibited as part of Form Follows Fiction at MICA.